5 on Friday: 5 Things I’m Loving Lately

Welcome to 5 on Friday, a little list of things I’m enjoying lately.  I got this idea from Tim Ferris who sends out his 5 Bullet Friday posts to all his email subscribers and Laura Tremaine’s Secret Posts. If you’re interested you can check out Tim’s website at Tim.blog and Laura’s at 10thingstotellyou.com . I thought it would be fun to do a short and simple posts of things I’m enjoying lately. Every week you’ll find different content…could be books I’m reading, movies, tv, recipes, quotes, articles, household items etc….anything I’m enjoying to pass along in the hope that you might also find something you’d like.

16 Heartbreaking Books Hitting the Shelves This
Fall Anyone else like books that make you cry? I sure do and I’ve already read 1 book on this listThe Dream Daughter review next week) and have MANY more coming up over the next couple months

The Libby App for Overdrive  I read almost exclusively on my kindle and the Libby App lets you download free ebooks and audiobooks straight from your library! I repeat, free books. You can read through the kindle reading app on your phone or iPad or through the Overdrive app.  The app will send the books directly to your kindle as well. I love it!

Movie I Enjoyed Recently 
Searching starring John Cho and Debra Messing. I thought this was a very clever take on the missing child storyline. It put my detective skills to the test… I failed. Two Thumbs Up! P.S my husband didn’t have it figured out either 

Serial Season
3on Apple Podcasts. I’m from Ohio and the entire season will be a year inside a Cleveland, Ohio courthouse. I’ve listened to the first 2 episodes and it’s GOOD! 

by Renee Knight. I love audiobooks but I’m very picky about the narrator. This story has 2 British narrators, a man and a women which makes for great listening as the story is very much a he said/she said psychological thriller. I can’t figure out where it’s going which is even better

Have A Great Weekend!