I’m Renee. A good book, iced coffee or a glass of wine and that spot above would be my perfect place to spend a day:)  A little about me: Wife and mom to two boys which never gets boring. Cat and dog mom. I’ve been passionate about reading since I was very young. Back then I carried a book everywhere, today I carry my Kindle so my hundreds of books go where I go.

Reading is my passion but I also love talking about books. I’m always up for a good book chat and I love hearing what others are loving so I can continue increasing my to be read pile. My favorite genres are mystery/thriller, contemporary fiction and true crime but I’ll read across genres if the story is amazing

When you visit my blog, you’ll find shorter book reviews with a focus on what I thought and liked (or didn’t like) about the book rather than lengthy book summaries. I also want to include quick book recommendations of books I read in the past that others may enjoy now. I love recommending backlist titles! Here you’ll find reviews of books I finished as I don’t review or rate books I haven’t finished. Other than reading I enjoy going to movies, walking in the park, bike riding and spending time with friends.  I hope you enjoy reading and find some great books!


If you have questions you can email me at itsbooktalk@gmail.com