Nonfiction November: Nonfiction with Fiction Book Pairings

Nonfiction November is a month dedicated to reading and sharing lots of Nonfiction reading gems! Each week a different blogger…Katie at Doing Dewey, Rennie at What’s Nonfiction?, Julie at Julz Reads, Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness, and this week, Sarah at Sarah’s Bookshelves host a fun topic. This week’s topic, Fiction/Nonfiction book pairings is one I enjoyed putting together so I hope you find some new book ideas to add to your TBR’s. If you’d like to share your own book pairings, head over to Sarahsbookshelves  and link up!



I love books detailing the world of undercover cops or agents of some kind. When I came across American Radical (My review) I knew I’d love it and I did. In fact, it’s one of my favorite non-fiction reads ever. Filled with suspense and intrigue, I often had to remind myself that it was all true (it reads like the best fiction)…which was scary, actually, considering it’s about terrorism against Americans. Sirens (My Review ) focuses on a very flawed undercover detective and was itself a page turner. I especially loved that there were TWO mysteries I couldn’t solve in this story!



This summer I talked about how much I (surprisingly) enjoyed Tiger Woods (My Review). The author took a story I thought I knew and really dissected, investigated, and offered a riveting account of the rise and fall of Tiger Woods. I loved it. In Play Dirty ,which I read years ago (2007), Griff Burkett is a disgraced former Cowboys quarterback who gets involved with a wealthy Texas couple. What follows after he agrees to a rather unconventional agreement with them involves secrecy and murder! I used to read every book Sandra Brown published but for some reason over the last few years I haven’t picked one of hers up. This post has reminded me how much I liked her. Have you read any recent Sandra Brown’s? If so, give me your suggestions on what to pick up!



I don’t often re-read books but The Bright Hour (My Review) is one I’ll re-read every year. The story and writing was just exceptional and is a book that reminds you to appreciate your health and life. I Liked My Life (My Review) is one of those books that you think you have a grasp on by reading the synopsis but actually ends up being so much more than expected. Maddy, the mother in the story, narrates her part of the story from the Afterlife as she tries to intervene with what’s happening with her family. Filled with humor, drama, and mystery, I highly recommend this debut novel. Both of these books are just fantastic!



Don’t be surprised if you see I’ll Be Gone in the Dark (My Review) on my top 10 reads of 2018 in a few weeks. This book was everything I look for and love in my crime reads. Michelle McNamara, a journalist who I liked and rooted for, relentlessly tracks the Golden State Killer. It was chilling, well paced, and just downright scary in parts. I read it in the spring but every time I go to the mailbox at night I still think of it, wondering if someone could be hiding and watching. I won’t forget this story! Pierced  (My Review) is the perfect fiction twin for I’ll Be Gone In the Dark. It’s set in Norway and follows investigative crime reporter Henning Juul who tracks the killers who tried to kill him but succeeded in killing his son. There’s layers to this story and to Henning who I really loved and connected with. If you love mysteries and haven’t read Thomas Enger you’re missing out!

What are you reading and loving for NonFiction November? 

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16 thoughts on “Nonfiction November: Nonfiction with Fiction Book Pairings

    1. I wouldn’t have thought of it either if I hadn’t read Sarah’s post. Since you liked I Liked My Life, have you read The Late Lamented Molly Marx? I loved that one too, it’s a similar premise


    1. Both those books are just so good, hope you enjoy them if you read them as well as the Thomas Enger paring for I’ll Be Gone in the Dark. If you do that’s actually in a series which is a good one!


  1. All these look good and I like the pairings. I am really intrigued by I’ll be Gone in the Dark. One of the best non-fictions that I read this year is’ The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl’. I recently bought ‘ Becoming Michelle Obama’ which I can’t wait to read also.


    1. I’m hearing such good things about Becoming! I tend to get bored with memoirs but I’ll keep my eye out for your review of that one Diana! You should try I’ll Be Gone in the Dark…a chillingly true thriller, you’ll be checking all your doors and windows!


  2. What great pairings! I loved several of the books you mentioned and for the same reasons- American Radical, I Liked My Life, and I’ll Be Gone After Dark.

    I’m not a big nonfiction reader, but I just finished Almost Everything by Anne Lamott and it was the right reading at the right time for me. Charming but insightful thoughts about life and hope.


    1. Thanks Catherine! After I saw you post about Almost Everything I got it on Audible. I really loved listening to Bird by Bird and think I’ll enjoy this one too. I’m so glad you had posted part of the first page!


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