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Hi all, I know it’s been a little quiet on the blog this past week but I was on vacation in sunny Cancun, Mexico! I didn’t even take my laptop so I could just focus on reading and while I missed doing a little blog hopping, I thoroughly enjoyed all my reading time in the sun…it sure beats the 30 degree gray weather I came back to.  However, one very exciting thing to come back to was the return of Homeland last night! I think we saw glimpses of old Carrie which could spell trouble for her but I loved the season opener, it had a very domestic feel compared to the typical international happenings of years past.


I finished The Great Alone on the flight to Mexico and have to say that overall I really liked it. For the first 70% (kindle reading) I actually would’ve said I loved it, but the last 30% changed things a little for me. I’m working on a review which I hope to have up this week.  Sunburn was interesting…it’s described as a cat and mouse story and it was but it also had a bit of mystery. This one was a SLOW BURN though and at times had me wishing the pace would pick up. I’ll have a review up soon but I think this will appeal to lots of readers. I’m on the blog tour this month for Killed which is the final book in the Henning Juul series. This was one of my most anticipated sequels for 2018 and it didn’t disappoint. If you like Nordic Noir I recommend giving this series a try, my review will be up next week.



I was really looking forward to this one after loving Me Before You but then barely liking After You. I was hoping Moyes would do a turn around for Lou and we’d see a different side, more of the old her from Me Before You, plus it’s set in NYC which was a major draw for me. I got to about 15% and wasn’t at all feeling Lou or the writing. There were pages of details about the apartment Lou was staying in, her walk around NYC, etc without anything happening and it just didn’t appeal to me. I doubt I’ll be tempted to pick it back up



So far I’m really enjoying this thriller! The main characters Dante and Columba make a great team and are well developed but still both somewhat remain a mystery to the reader. I love that the story starts off with action (terrorist attack) and really doesn’t let up but it’s also a mystery at it’s heart. The Italian setting is the perfect backdrop for this type of story. One thing I will say about Dazieri’s writing…it’s dense and you MUST pay attention or you’ll likely miss important details. This isn’t a book you can skim or speed read. I’m not even bothering trying to figure out what’s going on, I’m just enjoying the ride.



In true book nerd fashion, I’ve discovered this podcast and have been completely binging all the episodes. This is hosted by writer Kelton Reid and I absolutely love hearing from the authors he has on as guests. He asks informed questions about their writing process, story development etc, all the behind the scenes makings of how the authors develop and write the stories we love. There’s also helpful writing and productivity hacks that would apply to bloggers as well.


I’m seeing so many positive reviews for The Storm King and the blurb has buzzwords like dark secrets and unsolved mystery which make it a must read for me. After reading and loving Distress Signals last year, I’ve been eagerly anticipating Howard’s new one. I hope it’s as good as her debut!

That’s it for me, what have you loved reading or listening to lately?   






  1. Holly B / Dressedtoread

    Ah, Cancun and reading sounds like paradise! Podcast sounds interesting and I’m interested in reading Storm King.

    • It was such a perfect winter pick me up to get some time in the sun! Turns out I won the Storm King in Chelsea’s giveaway today so I’m thinking it’s meant to be for me to read that one:)

  2. I’ve never felt the desire to read a follow-up of Me Before You, even though I really liked that novel. It was a closed story for me by the end of the first novel. I do have Kill The Angel on my readlist as well, as I read some great reviews about that one. I hope you enjoy reading it and can convince me to bump it up a little ;-). Interesting podcast as well, always nice to find an exciting new one! Happy reading and listening!

  3. Sounds like you had a great, relaxing vacation. I am curious about your experience with The Great Alone. I can’t wait for your review. Enjoy your books this week. Happy reading 🙂

  4. CANCUN?!! I’m so jealous, Renee! I hope you had such a wonderful trip; I love sunny vacations, especially when it’s not so sunny and warm at home. That sounds perfect. Ugh, I am disappointed to hear that Still Me did not pan out; I didn’t even request a copy, and have contemplated trying the audio, but I may not even bother. I just don’t think anything will stand up to Me Before You. The Writer Files sounds like such an interesting podcast; thanks for sharing!

  5. Writer Files is a great podcast, there are so many good book/author podcasts out now. There are a lot of informative podcasts out right now period. I’ve only listened to audiobooks a few times and those were on road trips before my daughter was old enough to demand “audio control”. I’m reading “A Cold Day in Hell” it’s the start of a new series, I just started it a few minutes ago but I’m excited about it.

  6. Vacation and sunshine and reading sounds amazing – I’m glad you enjoyed it!! It’s SO cold here, as you know – I’m really hoping it warms up significantly this week. I’m in serious need of Vitamin D!

    Glad to hear you liked The Great Alone overall. I enjoyed it, too…it wasn’t my favorite of hers, but I pushed through and ended up liking it.

  7. Yay! Sounds like you had a great trip!
    I really enjoyed The Great Alone. I also just finished Sunburn and it really was a slow burner but overall I thought it was pretty good. I look forward to all of your reviews!
    I’m starting The Liar’s Girl this week too 🙂
    Happy reading!!! 🙂

  8. How wonderful to get a break in Cancun!
    Good to know about Still Me. I liked Me Before You, though I didn’t love it like so many readers seemed to, but I also found Still Me to be lackluster. I may skim it, because I tend to like finishing series that I start, but it definitely won’t be a priority.

    Looking forward to your reviews on those first three!

    • Thanks Alison, I really feel the JoJO Moyes books are a case of should’ve left well enough alone with Me Before You, the story was done and told with that book….of course, that’s just my opinion:)

  9. Susie | Novel Visits

    Glad you had a warm and restful vacation, Renee! I got a copy of The Storm King in the mail, and read thr first few chapters. It’s interesting and when I have more time may go back to it. Sunburn is another one that I think I’d like to give a whirl soon. Have a great week!

    • Thanks Susie and I would love to discuss Sunburn with you! I have many thoughts about that one and need to chat about it. I’m really hoping The Storm King is great, I just won it in a giveaway today so I don’t have to rush through my library copy!

    • I really like the sound of that book and planned on starting it next but I’ve bumped it after getting a copy of I’ll Be Gone In the Dark last night! I’d love to compare thoughts on it though

  10. kat28w

    I have just finished everything I know about love by dolly alterton, currently reading wife part 4 by ML Roberts and the wife between us. next is Danielle Rollins – breaking bad and mates and dates book 4 by Cathy Hopkins

  11. Sarah's Book Shelves

    Oooh – Cancun sounds amazing right about now! Especially since I just recovered from the flu only to have my daughter come down with it!
    Sunburn was definitely a slow burn, but I didn’t mind that so much. I felt like the first half was setting the stage, peeling back the onion, and the action took off in the second half.

  12. I’m so happy with my decision NOT to continue on with the Me Before You series. I adored the first book and felt like the story should have ended there. I’m sorry the next books were a big let down.

    I will be reading your review for The Great Alone! Cant wait to see what you thought.

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