My friend Annie at The Misstery recently wrote about her favorite underrated books and it got me thinking about my own.  I was curious to see what favorites of mine had only 500 or less ratings on Goodreads…surely there couldn’t be that many, right? I have to say I’m pretty shocked that the following books I loved have all received (as of today) only around 500 or less ratings on Goodreads. I know there’s still time for word of mouth to spread on these awesome reads but…just to put things into perspective, The Help by Kathryn Stockett currently has 1,645,869 ratings so these have some catching up to do. I thought all of these were SO good for different reasons so I hope they’ll catch your eye as  you’re finishing up your 2017 reads!


Castle of Water was one of my favorite books this summer. I thought the writing was outstanding and the story grabbed me from beginning to end. At less than 300 pages this is an easy one sit read


Trophy Son might be my surprise hit of the year because I almost passed it by but something made me take a closer look and I’m so glad I did. This was such a unique coming of age story with a very likable main character. You don’t have to love tennis to appreciate this story either, it just happens to be the backdrop just as hockey was in Beartown. Such a fast, easy read!


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Favorite Sons is such a wonderful mystery that takes place around 4 childhood friends involved in a death and a coverup which alternates between 1974 and 2004. This actually worked SO much better for me than the very similar storyline of The Chalk Man

A Brilliant Death  ….hmmm, I’m seeing a theme I really can’t believe! Robin Yocum is a fantastic writer and is clearly underrated on Goodreads imo. If you like atmospheric, well plotted mysteries with outstanding characterization you really should pick up A Brilliant Death 



Tall Oaks is one of those quietly amazing books that had mystery, suspense, humor, and lots of drama. I hope Chris’s books gain a huge following in the US soon because he’s an author to watch out for. I’ve read and loved both his books and forced, hounded nicely encouraged most of my book club to read this one and everyone has really liked it!

 What are YOUR underrated favorites? 



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20 thoughts on “5 UNDERRATED BOOKS I LOVED

  1. Yay for Trophy Son! I have no idea why that’s not getting more love…I loved it. I did have some people tell me they would “never read that book” b/c it was written by Megyn Kelly’s husband when I tweeted about it around pub date. How silly.

    I’m definitely planning to read Castle of Water during the first part of 2018.

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    1. I don’t understand why Trophy Son isn’t more read either. I thought maybe the sports cover threw people off but it’s just so good, I hope others look past the cover and obviously the fact that maybe they don’t like Megyn Kelly…how ridiculous, his book has nothing to do with her. I can’t wait to hear what you think of Castle


  2. I love this idea because so many books just drop under the radar. I still haven’t read Trophy Son and I don’t really know why. Maybe because it’s a “sports” book and I tend to shy away from those, but with you and Sarah both loving it, I know I should give it a try. For me this year I’d add Sycamore by Bryn Chancellor. I loved it and don’t know anyone else who read it!

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    1. I do think you’d like Trophy Son Susie, like Beartown it’s about WAY more than tennis and I know you enjoy good characterization which this has. I actually bought Sycamore after your review when Amazon had it on a kindle special and I forgot about it, thank you for mentioning it, moving it up the tbr!!


  3. Trophy Son has been on my list since you first mentioned it. I often like underrated books. I’ve always gravitated toward heavy reads and many of them tend to be on the low side of stars.

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    1. I’m really puzzled by the lack of ratings for Trophy Son because I think it would really appeal to lots of people who just like a good story. I hope you get to read it soon, I’d love to hear your thoughts:)


  4. Since Trophy Son is near the top of my 2017 list, it looks like I have four more to add. This past fall I read a sweet story about a family that rescued and released a baby Blue Jay who returned to help them through the news of a terrible Ovarian Cancer diagnosis. The article had a link to a book “Gracie’s Wild Adventures,” and I just had to read more. I am so glad that I did because it was such a hit at my families Thanksgiving dinner. It is a tiny book that is filled with the greatest animal rescue story I have ever heard about. One by one, children and all, we passed the book around the table and read out loud to each other, and everyone loved it. This story is so incredible that if not for the pictures it would be hard to believe. This is my tiny little sleeper book. On the gracie the bluejay instagram page they mentioned a second, longer book coming out when they get a publisher.

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    1. I hope you’ll enjoy Trophy Son, I thought it was just fantastic yet we barely heard a word about it:( Thank you for sharing that book title with me, I’m heading to Instagram now to check out the page!


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