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I’ve mentioned several times over the last few weeks that I’ve been in a HUGE reading slump…I’ve only read 1 book in 3 1/2 weeks!!😱 I don’t even recognize that as my reading life:( I’m sure you all know how frustrating it feels to pick up book after book and nothing grabs you.  Needless to say, my blogging and social media has hit the same slump and after giving it much thought I think it’s best if I take a step away and spend time reading for pleasure without thinking about sitting down to write a review. I’m really hoping by doing so I’ll come up with a new blogging strategy moving forward, whether it’s a shorter ,more concise review format? Less posting days? I’m not sure.

I want to thank everyone for stopping by and taking the time to read my posts and reviews… even if you don’t comment, I hope when you stop by you may have found a good book rec here and there:)  I plan on keeping up with my Goodreads challenge, so you can see what I’m reading on there at I’ll still be popping around the blogosphere and Twitter and Instagram here and there to read reviews and comment but less frequently for now.  Thanks everyone and hope to get back in the swing of things soon!!

P.S I may put together a few Throwback Thursday posts…I love that meme and hate to miss it!



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  1. Oh no! Now you too! I feel like some many of my favorite book bloggers end up burning out like this. I have definitely reassessed along the way – bullet point style reviews, posting less, etc and am in the process of how I’ll reassess yet again in 2018. I hope you’ll be back and will you continue to post your reading on Goodreads?

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    1. I’m bummed myself Sarah, I have no mojo for review writing at all so I will definitely consider a new style like bullet pointing them upon return! Also posting less. I love the way you combine reviews so that’s an idea for me also…I just need to read some books to get there:) Yes, I’ll be over on Goodreads and for sure keeping my reading updated there!!


      1. Yay, super excited to hear that Beartown is on the way. I still can’t believe how well that worked out and that book will be traveling across three continents, how cool is that 🙂 Thanks a lot Renee.

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  2. Oh, Renee! I’m so sorry that you’re in such a slump, but think you’re smart to know yourself well enough to take a break. This is not a job and taking time to read without the pressure of producing reviews may be just what you need to feel normal again. I changed up my reviews last summer to try to make them simpler to write, but still I wish they came quicker. Just be good to yourself and do what feels right. Let’s keep in touch via DM or text!

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    1. Thanks Susie and wise advice! I love your new review format and incorporating the way you and Sarah review is foremost in my mind when I return. I have to figure out a way to write faster reviews and have fun with it. We’ll definitely be keeping in touch:)


  3. I’ll miss you, Renee but totally understand that sometimes you need to recharge your batteries. As Susie mentioned, this is not a job. When it starts to feel like one, that’s a bit of a problem. Take good care and we’ll see you on GR in the mean time!

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  4. It’s the time of the year for breaks. That’s why I love blogging. You can do whatever you like because it’s your blog and there are no rules. Reading slumps are the worst! I am not in a slump but I need to finish this King chunkster before I move on to others. I usually read 2-3 at a time but for some reason it’s not working this time with this book.

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    1. Thanks TI, I know you’ve been blogging many years and have probably experienced the dreaded slump. I hope to find a fantastic read soon and get back track. I just couldn’t get into that King book…I’ll be interested in hearing your thoughts:)


  5. Have been where you are a few times myself. I find stepping back works, giving me space to not worry about that next post or what I have read vs. What I want to read. Enjoy your time off and see you again soon I’m sure!

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  6. I am just in awe of all bloggers and the blog posts I read – so much thought and emotion all conveyed in such a great way – day after day – Renee you are a star – just remember that – no pressure everything you manage to put together is a bonus. xxx

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  7. Hi Renee, hope to see you back soon and will miss your reviews but COMPLETELY understand where you’re coming from. I’m on a blog hiatus myself for health reasons but sometimes we just need to take that step back and remember why we love doing it in the first place. I’m already getting “itchy fingers” to write a review and think I am almost ready to come back but am not putting any pressure on myself to deliver. Have a lovely break and see you when you return xxx

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    1. Thanks Beth and you’re so right about why I feel I need this blog break…I want to read and be excited for review writing again! I’m sending positive thoughts your way that your health is improving…take care of yourself and I’ll look forward to your return as well!

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  8. Even though I’m sad, you know I think that you should definitely do this for as long as you need and don’t worry about anything else. Reading for pleasure might get your mojo back… and we’ll be here when you decide to come back! And of course I will keep messaging you because you can’t quit me! hahaha

    🙂 You’ve made me read so many good books thanks to your blog!!

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    1. Thanks Annie, our friendship has been such a bright gift of my entering the blogging world so no, you won’t get rid of me…our DM’s will continue and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I’m sure after a total revamp of my reading and blogging I’ll be back!!


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