I thought it would be fun to incorporate some bookish discussions every once in awhile to break up the reviews…for me and for you! I love talking about books as well as reviewing them and every now and then I plan to toss out a book topic that interests me and I hope you’ll join in for a fun chat!

Like everyone, my tbr is exploding for the Fall and Winter and I’ve started to notice that I’ve been adding some interesting titles based on the fact that some of my favorite buzzwords have been in the blurb or other’s reviews. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has favorite book words…those buzz worthy words that when you see them in a book’s description you think to yourself  “I MUST read that book!”


Here are 3 recent additions to my tbr based solely on me seeing several favorite buzzwords in the book’s description.  


A Dark and Broken Heart (Published Aug 2017)…included buzzwords are anti-hero cop, NYPD, heist, drug lord, corruption, deception and redemption. Based on these it sounds perfect!

Glass Town (Publishing Dec 5, 2017)…Mystery, magic, London, disappearance, gangsters, unsolved case, gritty, secrets, and betrayals. This is possibly out of my comfort zone but I love the sound of it!

The Alienist (Published Oct 2006)…Gilded age NYC setting, murder, criminology, profiling, corrupt cops, gangsters…yes please!! I’ve just come across this one and it sounds amazing.

What do you think, do you, like me, often pick books based on words that call out to you and if so what are YOUR book buzzwords? I’d love to know and if you have time let me know a recent book you’ve added to your TBR because it had your buzzwords!




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  1. I love this idea of some different “bookish” thoughts! These all sound interesting. I seem to like the buzz of cult like, mysterious, gothic, and unpredictable. Great post Renee!

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  2. This is an interesting topic! I have never really thought about buzzwords that capture my attention but I am sure there are a lot of them! Off the top of my head the words atmospheric, dark, and historical definitely make me want to pick up a book!

    Great post! I love hearing your bookish thoughts!

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  3. What a great post! Well for me it’s the mention of ‘secrets’ and ‘lies’ that is very inviting or if it’s a ‘tear-jerker’ :-). I still decide most on the cover image first though but these buzzwords are helping :-). What I don’t like is ‘for lovers of The Girl on The Train’ because I didn’t really like that novel so that’s no selling point for me ;-).

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    1. Thanks Inge, I totally agree with you about the Girl on the Train and/or Gone Girl comparison…this usually causes me to run! If I see ‘tear-jerker’ in a book’s description that’s an automatic addition to the tbr as well…I love it when an author can make me cry.

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  4. Interesting post Renee. I have never really thought of buzzwords but like Inge, Secrets, Lies, Disappearance and books described as emotional tend to attract me. There is no better recommendation for me than….book x made me cry lol. I do love a good tearjerker.

    All these books sound great based on the words that you shared!

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  5. I’t funny that we like so many of the same books, yet many of the buzzwords you mention here send me running in the opposite direction! I see cop, crime or detective and usually stop reading. My buzzwords are things having to do with family, women, dysfunction, a group of friends, debuts….

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    1. Susie, that’s so funny you mentioned that because you’re right, we do like a lot of the same books and I suspect my brain tends to pick up on my favorite words and vice versa for you! Although the books I featured do all involve crimes so I can see these might not be for you. Lately, my reading preferences are all over the place which I’m kind of enjoying:)


  6. Great post! I’ll have to pay more attention and scan my shelves to determine what mine are but I’m definitely a sucker for Belle Epoque, Paris (with or without the Belle Epoque), New York City, and London.

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  7. Glass Town is set in London. I’m sold on that one. I love books set in London as well. Is the R.J. Ellory one a series? I need to look that one up on Goodreads. Great post idea and happy reading!

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  8. Not quite the same, but I’ve been told that if I describe a book as “bleak” then I probably really enjoyed it. I guess that words and situations the are synonymous with bleak appeal to me – consciously or otherwise! Great, thought-provoking post!


  9. I’m unusual in that even though I’m not a mother I love books about motherhood or parenting in general, playgroups or anything to do with online dating. love them in my opinion there isn’t enough snout online dating. also if a book is based on tweets, emails or such like I like that too. do you like books like these I’ve mentioned?

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  10. Haha – you do like your gangsters, don’t you? I’m not sure which words set me off… hmm… let me check the blurb of the ones I’m currently reading… OK, with the first one the buzz words are mystery, intrigues, human nature. And the other one it would be classic, psychology, dead, Christmas, murderer! Now I’m worried about myself… 😉


  11. I think The Alienist is getting a tv show soon? I remember seeing the trailer for that one! Oh and Im checking out those two others as well 😀 I remember you telling me about this idea!!

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