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Just before dawn in the hills near the Scottish border, a man murders a young woman. At the same time, a hot-air balloon crashes out of the sky. There’s just one survivor.

She’s seen the killer’s face – but he’s also seen hers. And he won’t rest until he’s eliminated the only witness to his crime.

Alone, scared, trusting no one, she’s running to where she feels safe – but it could be the most dangerous place of all . . . 



This review contains NO Spoilers I promise! 

I don’t typically post a review an entire MONTH before U.K. publication day (April 20) and 5 MONTHS before U.S pub day!!  I just couldn’t contain my excitement until mid-April! I have to share with everyone the wonder that is Sharon Bolton’s newest page turner. You just might find yourself itching to hit the pre-order button to get this gem for yourself….especially US readers who may not realize you don’t have to wait until September to buy this one. How fantastic is that?!

So in what’s going to be my most vague review to date , mini or otherwise, let me tell you why I loved this book and think you just might also. If you’ve read any of Sharon’s other books, you know she is a master at pulling you into the fold with truly engaging, multidimensional characters and this story is no different. We meet Jessica and her sister Isabel as they are traveling in a hot air balloon with several others when they witness a murder committed while flying over an isolated house. This is a truly brilliant, creative way of setting up a murder and the balloon ride….chilling, heart-stopping, riveting. The murderer quickly realizes he’s been seen by the people in the balloon and what ensues is a taut, compelling game of cat-and-mouse that will have you GLUED to the pages, staying up late into the night, ignoring friends and family as you just won’t be able to put this one down!

Let me just throw out some other elements that made this such a phenomenal read…nuns…not just any nuns, think CSI Sister Act…peacocks (yes you read that right) …corruption on SO many levels…gypsies… This is just a taste of the unique twists Sharon Bolton has brought to what is one of the BEST mysteries she’s wrote to date in my opinion. Speaking of twists…I’m not really sure how long it took me to pick my jaw up off the counter when all was said and done. I had to sit for a minute in quiet awe because every time I think she can’t really pull off that big of a surprise she manages to knock me off my feet. I was speechless. Just brilliant!

You might be wondering why I haven’t told you anything about the plot? I went into this book completely blind except for the blurb above which is what’s on the actual book cover and I really, really encourage you to do the same. This story is best discovered by diving in with your eyes closed! Believe me, you’ll thank me. And it’s Sharon Bolton…you’re in the capable hands of a writer (one of the best:) who in all seriousness has yet to write even a mediocre book. I’ve read just about ALL her books so I feel qualified to say that:)  I can’t wait to discuss this one with everyone!!

5/5 stars 

Happy reading!

**Many, Many Thanks to Sharon Bolton and Alison Barrow of Transworld Books for my copy, I’m happy to provide an honest review.

If you’re in the US (and other countries as well) and don’t want to wait until Sept publication you can pre-order Dead Woman Walking when it’s released in the UK on April 20th on BookDepository. I’m not in any way affiliated with them, I just recently began ordering from them myself and they offer free worldwide shipping so I thought I’d pass along that link for you

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35 thoughts on “REVIEW: DEAD WOMAN WALKING By Sharon Bolton

  1. You make me really excited to get my hands on this book!! I just read my first Bolton book a few weeks ago and loved it. Can’t wait for this one!

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  2. nuns, hot air balloons and twists….sounds like quite an awesome thriller. Thanks for putting this one on my radar. Sounds like my kind of book so I will definitely check it out. Fab review!

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    1. I shamelessly begged Alison Barrow😂 I haven’t directly asked for many books since I started blogging but for Sharon Bolton I’ll beg:) I love everything about her writing and have loved every book of hers! It’s worth the pre-order IMO:)

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  3. Wow I’ve never heard of this author before but after such an amazing review I might have to get a copy of this. Plus a hot air balloon ride, murder, and nuns that does sound like an usual but winning combination 🙂

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    1. Hopefully you’ll be getting it soon because I’m dying to talk about it with someone. My mom is reading it now but hasn’t gotten too far. One reason I really liked it is because of the quirky nun characters which I thought was such a creative twist:)

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  4. Confession time! I’ve not read anything by Sharon Bolton, although I’ve heard only good things. Particularly interested in this one now – it sounds great! 🙂

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    1. I hope I can beg you…I mean talk you into reading something by Sharon Bolton!! If you like hard to solve mysteries with engaging characters you just can’t go wrong with her books. The Lacey Flint series as well as Little Black Lies, Daisy in Chains and Dead Woman Walking are my favs:)

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  5. […] Dead Woman Walking may just be my favorite Sharon Bolton book ever! This story hit the ground running with one of the best opening murder/witness scenes I’ve read in years. Every time I see a hot air balloon now I think of this story…and I’m thankful I’m not in it! I especially loved the nuns and of course the puzzle of a mystery that only Sharon Bolton can write. […]

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