Hi Everyone, I’m so excited to launch my book blog and enter the outstanding community of book bloggers and reviewers out there. I’ve been reading and following blogs and review publications for years with the thought that one day I would start my own and today’s the day! This blog is a work in progress so keep checking back as I hope to add many new parts to it as I go.

I’m starting this blog because I love talking about books! Books are my passion and authors are my rock stars. Seriously, I love talking with friends about my favorite books and authors so much I started my own book club 5 1/2 years ago and once a month we are still getting together and chatting about the book we read, the books we want to read, the authors we love and the one’s we are just discovering. And there’s wine of course;) I hope to connect with as many book bloggers and authors as possible on this site as well as on goodreads, twitter and instagram so please leave comments, I would love to hear from you.